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United Against Coronavirus!

Report your Health StatusSTOP Corona! web and mobile app for reporting symptoms using location

Help build the biggest FREE database of COVID-19 hotspots and safe zones!


Reports received so far!

Reporting your daily health status is crucial to create a predictive heatmap of disease hotspots. This data will provide health authorities with a real-time insight into potential outbreaks.

An example of a heat map after many symptoms have been reported


Report your health status daily, and stop the coronavirus!

The information you provide (contact, location and individual symptoms) won’t be available to the public due to privacy and security concerns.

It will be made available only to local health authorities and the WHO, completely FREE of charge, to help them gain insight and optimize their efforts to contain the spreading of the coronavirus as early as possible.

Once collected data reaches 1% of the population in a certain country, only anonymized and aggregated symptom statistics will be opened to the public.

Report your Health Status

How it works

STOP Corona! mobile app for reporting symptoms using location

If you and the people around you (like your neighbors) report their symptoms, the system can single out such areas with lots of reports, as an indicator of a possible outbreak.

Using real-time location intelligence and machine learning we can predict patterns and locate hotspots of potential new outbreaks.

You can report your own health status daily, as well as the status of your family members, from the same device - provided you have accurate data for everyone.

App is translated into more than 30 languages.

If a potential outbreak is detected in your area, authorities can use the information you provided to reach you and perform tests to verify the coronavirus.

These actions can contain further spreading of the virus and save lives.

STOP Corona! heat map

Data Privacy

Our goal is not to raise panic, symptoms without the confirmed disease are just symptoms.

The information you share (contact, location and individual symptoms) won't be available to the public, only to health authorities.


What is your motivation for this project?

We felt a need to help in any way we can in this time of crisis. We have put our hearts, knowledge, technology and resources into this project.

Who owns the data?

We don’t claim ANY ownership or commercial interest in the data collected through this project. The data will be available free of charge to all relevant local and global authorities with the purpose of planning their activities and research to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

What data do you collect?

o   Information you report in the form
o   Location you provide
o   Time of the report 
o   IP Address
o   We use Google Analytics to analyze website traffic, but with the cookies turned off, so we don’t track you

How is the data collected?

Data is collected through an online form and securely transferred to servers using HTTPS (HTTP Secure) connection.

Where and how is the data stored?

Data is stored on servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ohio, United States. It is stored and secured using industry standards.

Is my data shared with any other parties?

The only third parties to whom we will allow access to your data are health authorities that are involved with the coronavirus pandemic. Also, once collected data reaches 1% of the population in a certain country, only anonymized symptom statistics will be opened to the public.

How often should I report my health status?

Ideally once in every 24h if possible, so we can track the progression through time, even if you don't have any symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This way, we can also map "cold" zones, areas where people are relatively safer.

I am submitting daily reports, what do I get in return?

Every single report that you make is a valuable contribution to the database which will be used to research and hopefully stop COVID-19. You get to be part of a global task force fighting the biggest pandemic in recent history.

Do I have to report symptoms if I don't have any?

You don't have to do anything, but we would much appreciate your reports even without symptoms. This way we can create a representation of "cold" / safe zones and also watch the progression of the illness within a certain period of time.

About us

Built with

in Croatia

This solution is a joint effort of organizations and individuals across the globe:

GIS Cloud (Croatia), Smart Cloud (Croatia), Geovisual (Croatia), Jurica Kovač (Croatia), Nubigroup Geoservices & Research (Greece), Pacific Spatial Solutions Inc. (Japan), 99Geo (Brazil), Teramaps (Chile), Aquasave (North Macedonia), Hydrocontrol (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Serbian GIS Association (Serbia), North 4Smart Apps (Jordan), Sprinter Consulting (Kenya), Aleksandar Lazarević (Slovenia), Alexandru Aldea (Romania), Alin Anchidin (Romania), Antonija Živković (Croatia), Dr. Dejan Lazarević (Italy), Prof. Asoc. Enkelejda Gjinali (Albania), Eva Vuksanović Kovač (Croatia), Lajtai Bálint (Hungary), Lara Kralj (Croatia), Marko Kosanović (Germany), Mirna Čužić (Croatia), Nikola Devčić (Croatia), Nikolina and Dan (Sweden), Pierre Henry and Paulina (Poland), Tomáš Sucháček (Czech Republic), Cristine Hellström (Denmark), Kim Beentjes (Netherlands), Oi Ling Lee (Hong-Kong), Bojana Šprem (Croatia), Emre Göktaş (Turkey)

Aleksandar Lazarević, Translator (Slovenia)

Alexandru Aldea, Translator (Romania)

Alin Anchidin, Translator (Romania)

Amer Jusufbegović, Hydrocontrol (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ana Babić, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Ana Mihojević, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Antonija Živković, Master of nursing (Croatia)

Bojan Ristovski, Aquasave (North Macedonia)

Dr. Dejan Lazarević, Genomics scientist, Translator (Italy)

Dino Ravnić, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Dragan Sokolović, Smart Cloud (Croatia)

Prof. Asoc. Enkelejda Gjinali, Translator (Albania)

Eva Vuksanović Kovač, French Translator and Jurica Kovač, Aqua Libera Ltd. (Croatia)

Eng. Fuad AlShannaq, North 4Smart Apps (Jordan)

Fabiano Cucolo, 99Geo (Brazil)

Goran Radola, Smart Cloud (Croatia)

Hiroo Imaki, Pacific Spatial Solutions Inc. (Japan)

Igor Farkaš, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Dr. Konstantinost Ntouros, Nubigroup Geoservices & Research (Greece)

Krunoslav Vukšić, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Lara Kralj, Medical student (Croatia)

Mario Brkić, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Marko Kosanović, Electrical Engineer (Germany)

Marko Polovina, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Marta Klarić Ravnić, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Matej Kajinić, GEOVISUAL (Croatia)

Mirna Čužić, PR & Content strategist (Croatia)

Nenad Filipović, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Nikola Devčić, Freelancer (Croatia)

Patricio Llanos, Teramaps (Chile)

Samuel Kevin Otieno, Sprinter Consulting (Kenya)

Sven Murat, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

Tomáš Sucháček, Translator (Czech Republic)

Tomislav Gutaši, Serbian GIS Association (Serbia)

Cristine Hellström, Graphic Designer (Denmark)

Kim Beentjes, Junior Researcher (Netherlands)

Oi Ling Lee, Quality Assurance Specialist (Hong-Kong)

Bojana Šprem, German Translator (Croatia)

Emre Göktaş, Translator (Turkey)

Sven Murat, GIS Cloud (Croatia)

... and a special thanks to the entire GIS Cloud team!